Benefits of Mezzanine Racking System

Benefits of Installing a Mezzanine Racking System

Allocating additional storage can be challenging when warehouses are limited in floor space. There are, however, large amounts of vertical spaces available. Making use of these spaces with a mezzanine racking system can help businesses free up more space, without the need for reconstruction of the entire facility. Read more

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How to Improve the Efficiency of your Warehouse

The efficiency of the warehouse is an integral part of any business. When a warehouse is messy and inefficient, it affects your performance to deliver customer orders on time, which impacts overall customer retention rates. Moreover, a poorly managed warehouse also puts your employees at risk. This is a major liability to your business when they face injuries.

Fortunately, these workplace problems can be avoided by changing and optimizing your warehouse for efficiency. Here are a few ways in which you can easily improve the efficiency of your warehouse. Read more

Superblock Racking in Warehouse

SUPERBLOCK and INTERBLOCK Racking System: What Makes them Stand Out

There are a myriad of racking systems on the market that are suited for different storage needs. Among the lot, Superblock / Interblock racking systems have been gaining popularity over the years. Many warehouses and offices in Singapore have been using these types of racking systems to increase their productive space in their office and warehouses. Superblock is produced from Thailand while Interblock is produced in Malaysia. The Singapore market is gradually moving towards Interblock as the lead time and customisation works are faster and shorter due to Malaysia’s close proximity to us; being only one a bridge away from Singapore. Read more

Supermarket Racking

Why Supermarkets Should Invest in Heavy Duty Racks

The nature of supermarkets is that they have to stock many items within a fixed amount of space. Hence, storage shelving plays an extremely important part in supermarkets, be it at the storefront to display goods, or hidden away in their warehouses to keep stocks. The commonly used rackings at storefronts are known as gondolas, whereas in warehouses, there are many kinds of heavy duty racking systems available; such as double deep or pallet racking systems. Read more

Boltless Racks

Reasons that Make Boltless Racks Essential

If you are a business owner or purchaser who utilises a warehouse or office space for your daily operations, increasing your storage space for your goods while ensuring easy order-picking and workflow as well as workplace safety should be some of your concerns. You definitely need to seriously consider purchasing the right storage equipment; something that can be suitable for you will be boltless racks

Such a practical equipment can go a long way when it comes to fully utilising your available space. Plus, boltless racks are made from durable materials that are able to withstand substantial amounts of weight; up to 400kg per tier and are easily adjustable while being able to fit into odd spaces. 

How are these possible? You ask. Read on and find out.  Read more


Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Warehouse Racking System

A warehouse is essential to any manufacturing, logistics, or supply chain operations. Therefore it is important to keep all equipment and areas in the warehouse in optimal condition so that the facility can operate with high productivity, efficiency, and safety. One major aspect of warehouses is that their racks are used to load and store palletized goods. 

A poorly-maintained warehouse racking system not only endangers the safety of the staff but can potentially lead to a huge loss of business opportunities in the form of damaged products or customer dissatisfaction with the brand due to inefficiency. 

To prevent such adversity from happening, it is crucial that regular inspections and maintenance are done to the racking system. Here are a few simple ways that you can follow to keep your warehouse racking system in tip-top condition. Read more