heavy duty racks in warehouse

What makes heavy duty racks safe for your warehouse?

Warehouse racks are an essential aspect of seamless operation and optimal warehouse organization. A racking system will help warehouses to maximize the usage of space, organize products more efficiently, and allow for faster picking speeds.

Heavy duty racking systems are becoming increasingly popular in the storage racking industry, especially in third-party logistics industries and distribution centres. They can be easily customized to adapt to various pallet storage needs and warehouse requirements, making them a reliable choice for many businesses. Besides solving storage problems, heavy duty racks are most sought after for their ability to make the warehouse a much safer workplace.

Here’s how heavy duty racks can help to optimize your warehouse:

1. Large carrying capacity

Heavy duty racks are designed to withstand massive loads due to their strong and durable materials. Consisting of vertical steel frames that are connected via horizontal steel beams for stability, heavy duty racking systems have large carrying capacities that are highly suitable for warehouses. 

2. Good shock resistance

For heavy duty racks to have large load-bearing capacities, their beams and arms need to be fully welded, along with locked bolts and concrete foundations fastening the four corners of the shelf strongly into the ground. This sturdy design allows heavy duty racks to withstand the impact of loading and unloading pallets on the shelf. Even in the unlikely event of machinery collision at the base, the rack’s stability will be maintained, preventing it from becoming damaged and toppling over onto the workers below.

3. Flexible & convenient access

The isolated frame structure of heavy duty racks allows both sides to be entered and exited. Heavy duty racks can be set up in a way that allows forklifts to be driven through. This enables workers to have convenient and safe access to pallets piled along and deep within the shelves, making it easier for product tracking and organization.

4. Easy installation

Heavy duty racks utilize structural pallets that can be easily installed and uninstalled. This allows for the ease of set-up during normal warehouse operating hours. It also decreases the likelihood of obstruction on the floor which poses a hazard to workers. During the installation of heavy duty racks, other accessories such as frame guards and guide rails can also be easily added to the frame to improve the overall efficiency and safety of the warehouse racking system.

5. Computer control assistance

Heavy duty racking systems can be easily supplemented with warehouse management systems. Computer controls help workers to optimize inventory accuracy such as allowing a clear operations floor plan to be drawn. This gives workers the knowledge of where and when products can be placed and removed, greatly reducing operational mistakes.

Transform your warehouse into a safehouse for all

Heavy duty racks are designed with high durability, loading capacity and with the workers’ safety in mind. They are a worthy investment that keeps your products and employees safe, which also prevents undesired disruptions to your business operations. 

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