Aracking & Shelving Solutions provides high-quality racking systems for heavy loads and pallets. Our services include designing, preparing and installing of industrial racking for general types and goods including palletized goods. By maximising storage space to organise loads efficiently, pallet racking systems help make the storage and retrieval of goods easy and convenient. 

Advantages of pallet racking systems

  • Pallet RackingProvides extra space through vertical storage.
  • Provides more pallet storage space and increases the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) available.
  • Simplifies the organisation and tracking of goods.
  • Goods can be easily labelled on the racks.
  • Increases employee productivity and efficiency due to smoother operations. 
  • Made of a durable materials that are resistant to collapse
  • Ideal for storing various sizes, types, and weights of goods for extended periods.

Our Pallet Racking Solutions:

1. Selective Pallet Racks

Fully adjustable to fit varioustypes, sizes, and weights of loads, selective racks only require small aisle widths, making them the optimal choice for storing and retrieving products within a constrained area.

2. Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racks

Very narrow aisle (VNA) racking systems are compact and adjustable. With reference to selective pallet racks, they create a high-density storage system that increases warehouse capacity without requiring additional space. 

3. Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double-deep pallet racks store pallets at two depths rather than one, allowing for increased storage density. Unlike other pallet racking systems, warehouse operators will not have direct access to all the pallets stored. Instead, special forklifts are needed to easily access the second pallet. This pallet racking system is highly compact making it ideal for longer-term warehouse storage.

4. Drive-In & Drive-Through Racks

Drive-in/drive-through racking system is a high-density storage solution that maximises available floor space and height. Drive-in rackings have one access aisle and operate on a LIFO (last-in, first-out) basis. Alternatively, drive-through rackings have an entrance and exit aisle and operate on a FIFO (first-in, first-out) basis. Both pallet racking systems are ideal for the storage of homogenous products in bulk quantities..

5. Accessories

To increase the stability and safety of pallet racking systems, they can be supplemented with the following accessories:

  • Safety barrier protectors: Installed in transit aisles, tunnels or dispatch areas with high forklift traffic.
  • Safety pins: Placed on connectors that join the beams to the uprights and to prevent accidental displacement of the beam.
  • Pallet back stopper:  Prevents pallets from falling to the racks behind. 
  • Wire mesh decking: Designed to support the different cargo or odd size pallet  pallets.
  • Pallet support bars: Designed to hold the weight of the pallet on the orange beams.

Invest In A Pallet Racking System Today!

Pallet racking systems are a great option for your warehouse because they maximise floor space available by offering more vertical space. Get in touch with our team at Aracking & Shelving Solutions for more information about how your business can stand to benefit from efficient storage solutions like the pallet racking system. 

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