Supermarket Racking

Why Supermarkets Should Invest in Heavy Duty Racks

The nature of supermarkets is that they have to stock many items within a fixed amount of space. Hence, storage shelving plays an extremely important part in supermarkets, be it at the storefront to display goods, or hidden away in their warehouses to keep stocks. The commonly used rackings at storefronts are known as gondolas, whereas in warehouses, there are many kinds of heavy duty racking systems available; such as double deep or pallet racking systems.

Maximise Storage Capacity

With the use of heavy duty racking systems, your goods will be stacked vertically; which means that the mass of untapped space previously above your items will now become a productive, usable area. As such, you will be able to hold a larger volume of goods without any need for warehouse expansion, which will save you costs on rental and storage.

Enhanced Performance and Operational Efficiency

Due to the nature of supermarkets, a great amount of goods are being moved in and out of storage daily. Because of this movement, the area can easily get cramped and cluttered. This will then slow efficiency and performance, as more time is needed to find and retrieve the stocks required.

However, all these problems could go away, simply by doing a one-time investment in heavy duty racks. Having different items stored on different shelves and making use of the vertical space of the warehouse, you can easily spot what you are looking for and retrieve the stocks with no time wasted.

Customisable Shelving

Heavy duty racks come in various sizes; they range in heights, depths and lengths. They can also be assembled and dismantled easily, giving added convenience should you decide to move your warehouse to another location. It is basically a one-time investment that will last you a long time, regardless of your warehouse storage area’s size or ceiling height.

Safety in Usage

Heavy duty racks are also safe as they are strong and durable; they can hold up to 3000kg per tier! With all the stocks kept on the shelves, strength and stability is an essential feature of these racks, to ensure they do not topple over or pose any other danger in the warehouse working environment.

Selecting a Heavy Duty Rack Provider / Specialist

With all these in mind, you may be inclined to head out to search for your own heavy duty rack. However, before you equip your supermarket and warehouse with such racks, it is important to research and engage a trusted provider for your purchase.

Here at ARACKING & SHELVING SOLUTIONS, we offer heavy duty racks with a capacity up to an impressive 3,000kg / UDL (uniformly distributed level), with adjustable heights for each level. We are also familiar with the safety requirements the government associations have and we will provide the required weight loading indexes should you need any. In addition, if you are concerned about safety, take comfort in knowing that it is not in the least bit compromised as each beam is assembled with specially made safety pins that help avert any accidental detachments.

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