Top Benefits of Heavy-Duty Racks

When it comes to industrial storage, having the right racking or shelving system is crucial. A heavy-duty racking system can be considered a great option for warehouses that handle heavy and bulky inventory. Among many types of racking systems in Singapore, heavy duty-racks- also known as industrial racks hold a special place due to the numerous benefits they offer. Read on to learn how heavy-duty racks benefit you in optimising the storage space of your warehouse. 


Why Are Heavy-Duty Racks Special?

What makes heavy duty racks special is their versatility. Ideal for storing both palletised and non-palletised items that are relatively heavy such as machinery, they can support inventory that weighs from 1000 kg to 3000 kg per level. These highly customisable racks are popular in many industries in Singapore such as logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, retail, automotive, and e-commerce. These are the most significant benefits of heavy-duty racks.


1.  Advanced Load Capacity

As in the name itself, heavy-duty racks are specifically built to withstand substantial loads. They are made from high-tensile steel- a material strong enough to bear high pressure and last for years. The solid steel sections used to manufacture these racks support bay loads up to 32,000kg and beam loads up to 6,000kg, hence they can hold exceptionally large capacities without bending or collapsing. 

2. Easily Customisable

Being customisable is one of the key benefits of heavy-duty racks. From the design, the structure, to building materials, they can be easily modified according to your personalised storage requirements. This is a great advantage in optimising your warehouse space, as it allows you for a practical layout that utilises the storage space as much as possible. 

3. Durability

Heavy-duty racks are reputed for their durability. As mentioned above, these racks are typically made from high-tensile steel, which can last for decades. Therefore, heavy-duty racks can be identified as a long-term investment from a business perspective. Not only can you use them to  fulfil your storage needs in the long run, but also resell when you are upgrading, shifting, or altering your storage facility. 

4. Convenient Access

Industrial storage racks are built in such a structure that allows for convenient access by means of Material Handling Equipment (MHE). They are spacious and their layout can be arranged in a way that the stored goods can be even machine-handled. Providing easy access to the stored items, heavy-duty racks minimise congestion and improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations. 

5. Enhanced Safety

Prioritising all safety measures, industrial racks are made in a special way to minimise the risk of accidents and mishaps. They undergo stringent quality testing procedures such as load capacity assessments, stress tests, and structural integrity evaluations before being sent out to the market. As they meet the necessary standards, you can ensure to run smooth business operations incorporating heavy-duty racks in your storage space. 


The Best Industrial Racking in Singapore

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