Aracking & Shelving Solutions provides high-quality boltless racking systems for loads of all sizes and weights. Our services include the design, supply, installation and relocation of boltless racks for your business.

As the name suggests, boltless racking systems do not require bolts and nuts, allowing for the quick and easy installation and easy vertical adjustment of shelf height according to your storage needs. This system is ideal for the storage of lightweight industrial parts, electronics, apparel and more.

Why Our Storeroom Racks Are The Best

As a leading storeroom rack provider in Singapore, and with years of experience under our belt, we guarantee that our storeroom racks are the best on the market. Keeping to our main goal of providing high-quality products to our customers, we ensure that our racks are strong, durable, and well-designed. Our storeroom rack sizes are versatile in configuration in terms of length, width and height. They are meant to be long lasting and durable as they come with Epoxy Powder Coated finishing which is anti rusting.

Advantages of Boltless Racking Systems

1. Superior Strength: Stores up to 400 kg per shelf level.

2. Better Organisation: Helps organised storage space, reducing obstruction and hazards on the floor and easy retrieval of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

3. Easily Set-up: Without the need for bolts and nuts, our fully adjustable boltless shelving system can be quickly installed or dismantled with ease.

4. Rust Resistant: Each boltless rack comes with a layer of epoxy powder coating which prevents rust from forming over time.

5. Customizability: There are various dimensions in length and depth to choose from and up to 3 metres in height. You can also choose the shelving deck material from either HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) board shelves or metal panel shelves.

6. Versatility: Comes in multiple size variations to fit in any store size. You can easily adjust the positions of shelves to achieve your desired shelf height thereby making it suitable for most industries, be it wholesale or retail settings.

Our Boltless Racking System Solutions

HDB Storeroom Rack

Flats of today are getting smaller, causing a common problem of the lack of sufficient storage space to store our household items and memorabilia. To deal with this, many HDB owners are using their bomb shelters as their storerooms. Having a boltless rack in your HDB bombshelter / storeroom ensures that you can store your items neatly and also allows easy retrieval of your items. At Aracking & Shelving Solutions, you can get your HDB storeroom rack customised according to the space you have.

Boltless Racking System

Best known for their low cost, these boltless racking systems are perfect for storerooms and offices. Each one is made from sturdy materials that are capable of holding a good amount of load. This is more cost efficient compared to regular carpentry works or office filing cabinets as you are able to relocate them if needed. Our storeroom racks come in different heights, depths, and lengths and we also allow for customisation. Below are the most common sizes of the racks we manufacture.


bomb shelter shelving for weightswhite boltless rack for bomb shelterbomb shelter rackslight duty for office filing -gallery



Height (mm): 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000
Depth (mm): 450, 600
Length (mm): 900, 1200, 1500, 1800

Decking Material: HDF Board or Metal Shelving
Loading Capacity: Up to 400kg / UDL per level

Finishing: Epoxy Powder Coated

Colour: White 

Rivet Rack Series

Looking for something more aesthetically pleasing? We have our Rivet Rack Series. Unlike our boltless racks, this design casts away the industrial feel while retaining its desired utility. By removing the visible holes in the vertical posts, it makes cleaning a breeze as less dust gets trapped in those crevices. This makes it a great option for areas such as study rooms, kitchens, as well as open office spaces.

Rivet Rack Seriesboltless rivet racks


Height (mm): 1800, 2100, 2400
Depth (mm): 450, 600
Length (mm): 450, 600, 900, 1200

Decking Material: Metal Shelving
Loading Capacity: Up to 400kg / UDL per level

Finishing: Epoxy Powder Coated

Colour: Grey

Types of Storage and Bomb Shelter Racks We Design

1. Standard Rectangle Storeroom Rack

The standard rectangle storeroom rack is commonly used in warehouses and retail shops. These are usually placed in parallel rows or along the wall perimeter. It comes as a 4-tier or 5-tier shelving in general. However, these can be customised according to your requirements.

2. L-Shaped Storeroom Rack

This is a practical solution for HDBs and BTOs that come with a door. The L-Shaped rack resembles two rectangular racks placed together and it is also ideal for small-scale commercial spaces.

3. U-Shaped Storeroom Rack

This is essentially the combination of three rectangle racks. It resembles the letter ‘U’ and fits perfectly in rooms which has an opening or door that is placed in the middle of a wall.

Invest In A Boltless Racking System Today!

When you invest in a boltless racking system, you are able to efficiently store your goods like apparel and electronics. With their superior strength and rust resistant properties among other great benefits, they are the perfect choice for your home or retail settings.

With 30 years of experience under our belt, Aracking & Shelving Solutions understands the principles of storage. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by designing and supplying the most suitable products to suit our client's requirements. Along with this, we ensure competitive pricing and durability all the while complying with the highest industry standards. For assured quality, place your trust in Aracking & Shelving Solutions. Call us today at 9297 9543 or drop us an email enquiry at