With over 3 decades of experience, our team at Aracking & Shelving Solutions have assisted many companies over the years with their storage needs. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the answers to them. If you feel like your question hasn’t been properly addressed, feel free to call our experts at Aracking & Shelving Solutions at 6250 1540.

Frequently Asked Questions About Racking and Shelving Systems

 1. How Do I Choose The Correct Type of Racking System For My Inventory Needs?


At Aracking & Shelving Solutions, we have several different types of racking solutions for all your warehouse needs. These include the mezzanine racking system, heavy duty racking system, pallet racking system, long span racking system and the cantilever racking system. Each racking system is suitable for different goods and is heavily dependent on the inventory type, weight and dimensions. 

For example, the pallet racking system is suitable for storing palletised goods in a neat and orderly manner. These palletised goods can come in a variety of dimensions, load capacities and types. Pallet racking can also be operated on a FIFO (first-in, first-out) basis and on a LIFO (last-in, first-out basis) which can be selected based on your type of product. For example, food and beverage products typically require a FIFO system of stock rotation and replenishment so that the food items that are stored first, are retrieved first as they are perishable items. 

Another type of racking system we have at Aracking & Shelving Solutions includes a cantilever racking system suitable for storing awkwardly-shaped and long items. Depending on the materials you intend to store on the cantilever racking system, you will need a different type of racking arm. A straight arm is ideal for storing items like steel bar stock which will not roll off. Cantilever arms can also come with an angle that prevents items like round pipes from rolling off. 

From these two examples alone, it shows that the different racking systems from Aracking and Shelving Solutions are specially designed and suitable for different types of products/goods. Feel free to review our website for more information on each of these warehouse racking systems. If you are unsure about what type of racking system is suitable for your storage needs you can reach out to our team of experts.

2.  How Can I Know The Load Capacity For A Racking System?

Racking systems come in a variety of types in order to suit a variety of inventory sizes, types and weights. For example, the selective pallet racking system has a load capacity of 1000kg, 2000kg , 3000kg and 4000kg per UDL. 

On the other hand, the cantilever racking system includes steel arms that are able to hold between 1500 kg and 3000 kg per UDL. To find out which racking system is most suitable for the load capacity of your inventory items, it is important to consult our team of racking and shelving specialists at Aracking and Shelving Solutions. 

3.  What does UDL refer to?

If you have ever read up about different types of racking systems, we can guarantee that you have seen the term UDL or Uniform Distributed Load. It is a term commonly used in the racking and shelving industry to describe the weight capacity on each level of the racking system. It is incredibly important that the UDL is adhered to in order to avoid the following consequences: 

    • The weight of the inventory may not be spread out accurately causing the weight to be concentrated in a certain area which can weaken the racking system. 
    • The safety of your racks can be severely compromised if the UDL is not stringently adhered to as the racking system can be overloaded.

4. What Are The Safety Accessories That I Can Add To Secure My Racking Systems?

Safety is a number one priority in any warehouse. This includes the safety of your workers and the security of your inventory items. After all, damaged inventory items equate to a loss in overall profits. Additionally, if your racking system is damaged due to collisions with material handling equipment (MHEs) for example, this can not only weaken your racking system but lead to costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. 

To meet both your safety and security requirements in your warehouse, we recommend adding several safety features to your racking system. These include frame guards and pallet back supports.

Frame guards help secure the structure and protect it from damage caused by collisions with MHEs or in the event of an earthquake. They are some of the most common safety accessories that our clients have invested in to shore up the structural integrity of their racking systems. 

Pallet back support helps to keep goods safely on the racking and help prevent inventory items from being pushed too far back which could cause them to fall off. If you’re interested in adding safety accessories to your racking system, please let us know. We will be happy to advise you accordingly on which safety accessories are most appropriate for your racking needs. 

5. What Is The Process From Evaluation To Installation

The process of installing racking systems from the point of contact with our team at Aracking & Shelving Solutions is as follows: 


This is the initial phase of our setting up a racking system. Our team will first consult with you about the type of inventory you are looking to store in terms of its type, weight and size. This will inform us about what type of racking system will be suitable for your storage needs. We will also need to recce your warehouse to determine the space available for the racking systems. During our site visit, we will also assess your current floor plan and floor loading to find out how to best optimise the available floor space.


After the evaluation phase, we will then propose with drawings, the most suitable form of racking system for your warehouse needs. If you have any concerns at this stage, please feel free to raise them with our specialists. If everything is suitable, we will then proceed with scheduling the installation process at an appropriate time in order to keep warehouse disruptions to the bare minimum. 


Once our Aracking & Shelving Solutions team arrives onsite at the warehouse, we will begin the process of setting up the racking systems. The timeline of installation depends very much on the type of racking system being installed. A mezzanine racking system may take up to one week to install whereas a standard pallet racking system installation will take a few days. Rest assured that our team of experienced racking specialists will work diligently to complete the set-up process in a timely manner. 


Finally, our team of specialists will closely inspect the structure of the racking system to ensure that it is secure and ready for storage.

 6. What About Shelving For My Household Bomb Shelter or Storeroom?

If you are a homeowner looking to optimise the space in your home especially in your household bomb shelter, look no further than investing into a boltless racks for your home. At Aracking & Shelving Solutions, we offer a boltless racking system solution perfect for easy storage and retrieval of your belongings in your bomb shelter or storeroom. 

Additionally, this system works well in retail settings as each shelf level can store up to 400kg. With the boltless racking system, there is no need to use bolts and nuts during installation, making the process of setting it up and dismantling a breeze. We have helped countless customers across the years to fully utilise the space in their homes, offices and retail settings.

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